Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cupcake Trends Concern Teachers

Schools across the country are now banning a new evil: Cupcakes. In an effort to ban childhood obesity, more and more teachers are banning the tasty, sugary treats as a way of celebrating birthdays at school.

The obesity trend has many educators concerned. Commented one teacher, who declined to be identified, "My little fourth graders are getting so fat, it's almost at the point where I am no longer sexually attracted to them."

Other teachers are more vocal about the true problem of Birthday Cupcakes. "I only have so much time in a school day to fill your child's mind with the knowledge he or she needs. Cupcake time and birthday singing siphons away that time. In a typical day I have to teach good citizenship, religious tolerance, sexual tolerance, dealing with sexual anxiety, global warming, the evils or corporate dominance and - if I have time - reading and arithmetic."

RWD News will have updates as this issue develops.


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