Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton Plan Had Pages Stuck Together

Tempers flared in Washington this week over Former President Clinton's assertion that he left the new administration a comprehensive plan for them to fight Bin Laden.

"We left it in the closet right next to the issues of Jugs and Big Asses," said one aid who declined to reveal his identity because he might run for president again next election.

"We had it all spelled out for them. Find Bin Laden. Kill Bin Laden. Blame the right wing conspiracy if he slipped away. Oops. I mean, we had a plan is all I'm saying. All they had to do was move the magazines, unstick them, and read the plan."

Secretary of State Rice has been adamant in her denial that any plan was left behind. However, she does concede that the plan documents could have been overlooked. "When we first checked the presidential bedroom, we were completely distracted by the big giant disco ball. "

The report, according to Clinton, had a plan for eliminating OBL, bringing world peace, resolving the Palestinian crisis, the secret of eternal youth, and a recipe for BBQ Chicken Wings.


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